Clean Water – Raúl Mejía González School – GUATEMALA


This project will supply water to the school which has between 300 and 500 students over time.

Raúl Mejía González School

The project involved capturing water from a nearby water source, installing piping system to school, and installing water purification system at the Raúl Mejía González School

Pump House

The well was built 200 meters (0.12 mile) behind the school buildings. Pictured here is the pump house which was also constructed near the water source.

The water source is an infiltration gallery or infiltration trench under a stream. Piping goes over the stream pictured on left and is then buried the rest of the way to the water collection tanks at school.

The purification system has 3-step filtration, with a sand filter then carbon filter, and finally a 5-micron particulate filter. Lastly, we used an Ultra Violet (UV) system at the end to kill any remaining viruses or bacteria.

The use of the backhoe was donated by municipality which helped contain costs. Community members also donated labor to the project. An education program with neighbors was also completed discussing not dumping trash or chemicals upstream of school.  The school also worked to educate students on proper hygiene.

Project Partners

Rotary International
Rotary Club of Fort Collins
Rotary Club of Cheyenne
Club Rotario Chiquimula de la Sierra

Reference: Rotary Global Grant #1125015