Agroforestry – Erosion Prevention

coffee plants



Steep slopes are prone to erosion and difficult to farm and unfortunately, often your poorest farmers are left with the least desirable land.   In particular, planting of corn and beans on the steep slopes will accelerate erosion.  Prohibiting planting on slopes is often not an option with sustenance farmers relying on these crops.


One solution is to plant coffee trees, avocado plants and nitrogen fixing shade trees in place of steep corn and bean fields (agroforestry of coffee and avocados).

This project entailed developing 3 agroforestry plots, each .78 hectares, of coffee (3,500 plants each) and avocado (70 plants each) in 3 of the communities that have appropriate conditions for coffee.   The plants came from the CUNORI nursery with training from PROTEC. Nitrogen fixing Cuje trees (70 each plot) were planted for additional shade, a common practice to help obtain Rainforest coffee certification.