Help Us

Donations are needed to help make safe, reliable water supplies a reality for our neighbors throughout the Americas. Your contribution will be used to better the lives of and give hope to those most in need.

For a typical rural water system project, we purchase materials such as pipe, valves, bricks and mortar to build water system pipelines and tanks, and we hire skilled workmen to drill or dig water wells and build masonry spring boxes and water tanks. Your generous contributions provide the funds for these purposes.

The Donate Now link will take you to our page on the web site, where you can make a one-time donation or set up periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) donations charged to a credit card.

Examples of what your contribution can buy or accomplish include these:

$25,000 A spring-fed, gravity-driven water system serving an entire village
$10,000 A masonry water tank of 80 cubic meters (about 21,000 gallons) to feed a water distribution system
$5,000 The PVC water piping for a typical water system
$2,500 1 hand-dug water well
$1,000 1 hand pump installed in a 30-meter deep well
$500 100 meters of steel cable for a suspended pipe crossing over a ravine
$250 1 capture box for a spring
$100 1 chlorination system
$50 10 spigots
$25 30 meters of 1/2-inch diameter PVC water pipe
$10 1 bag of Portland cement


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