Las Colinas Water Distribution System, El Salvador

El Salvador - Las ColinasWater for the Americas is working with the International Rural Water Association, the Asociación Salvadoreña de Sistemas de Agua (ASSA, or the Salvadoran Water Systems Association), and engineering students at Colorado State University and the University of El Salvador to design a water distribution and wastewater collection system for a residential neighborhood adjacent to the town of Santo Domingo in central El Salvador. IRWA hopes to fund construction of the water distribution system, which would be tied into the existing water system of the town of Santo Domingo. Although construction of the wastewater treatment system has not yet been funded, the piping infrastructure for the wastewater disposal system will be installed at the same time as the water distribution system to reduce the combined construction costs.

Water for the Americas completed a preliminary survey of pipeline routes and elevations to determine feasibility and plotted locations on maps and aerial photographs. The CSU student design group traveled to El Salvador to meet with the UES student group, refined the survey and discussed project and design details with the landowners and municipality. The design included a water tank and a piping system to bring water to each home. The residents will dig the water pipe trench and lay the piping, and the municipality of Santo Domingo will connect the new water system to the town’s existing system. The completed design was given to IRWA in Spring 2009. Construction will start when funding is obtained to purchase the water system materials.